Can Anyone Take Microsoft Certification Exams And Get Certified?

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Are Microsoft Certification Exams open to everyone? They seem like industry insider tests, so this is a fair question. Could anyone register for exams like these and start gaining credibility in the IT world? The answer is yes, but there’s more to it than that.

You Need The Prerequisites

There are prerequisites in the form of knowledge for many Microsoft Certification Exams, so if you want to take those exams, you have to have it. This only sounds like a problem until you realize that if you don’t have the knowledge yet, then you aren’t going to be pursuing that certification level yet. As you grow in knowledge, your ability to tackle more advanced exams will naturally grow, too.

You Need The Experience

In addition to knowledge, you often need a suitable amount of experience to take Microsoft Certification Exams. Again, this may sound discouraging until you realize that you need to work your way up to taking exams at this level. There are ones with lesser experience requirements that you can take to get the experience that you will need to take the more advanced exams.

Yes You Can

The point of all this is that yes you can take Microsoft Certification Exams and get certified. Anyone can. You have to meet the criteria that anyone else has to in order to be eligible to take each exam, but you can get what you need and take whatever exams you want. These certifications may seem like a private club, but anyone who puts in enough effort to succeed can join.

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